Oral and Dental Clinical Assistant Program
Program Head: Prof.Dr.Gulay UZUN
Program Advisor: Lecturer Ozlem EKMEKCI - Lecturer Pinar ATAK BOLSU

Introduction of the Program

The program is offered in dental offices, public or private dental outpatient clinics. will prepare the necessary environment for all clinical work of the dentist, will help during the treatment of the patient, as well as It trains "Dentistry Clinical Assistant" staff who will take responsibility for patient admission. The evolving education and cultural level also increases the awareness of being healthy. In this sense, oral and dental health is an important developing field of medicine.

In the advancing dental profession in our age, it is difficult for a dentist to ideally manage a clinic alone. In this respect, the dental assistant is of great importance. In the past, these assistants continued their profession after the apprenticeship period without undergoing any training. For the proper operation of a dental clinic, it is imperative that it employs staff who are scientifically equipped and have the necessary education and skill level. A similar practice is carried out in developed countries. During the two-year associate degree program, students are trained by faculty members of the faculty of dentistry and acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment from the most reliable sources to practice their profession. The educational process will be a period that includes both theoretical and practical applications. The education, practice and internship of the students at the workplace will be carried out within the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Higher Education Council.

Purpose of the Program

In dentist's offices, in public or private dental polyclinics, we train staff who will prepare the necessary environment for all clinical work of the dentist, take responsibility in patient admission, treatment and records, respond to the changing needs of the society, and provide these individuals with work and activity areas where they can fully use their knowledge. is to provide. Internship opportunities provided during the education provide a great opportunity for students to develop themselves at the maximum level. Vocational School's education program should not only aim at theoretical development. At the same time, education should be reinforced with a strong practical infrastructure. Human relations, which are extremely important in today's business world, are emphasized and the individual's full social maturation is ensured.

For those who graduated from the Oral and Dental Health Program “Oral and Dental Health Associate Degree” diploma and the title of Health Technician (Oral and Dental Health).

• When the student graduates, the courses and modules showing the competencies gained during the education period are specified in the diploma supplement.

• When the student leaves the program without completing the program, a document showing the courses and modules that he/she has gained during the education period is given.

• Professional competencies gained in the program are evaluated in career development in business life, in certificate programs and in transitions to all other programs when requested.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from this program can work as "Oral and Dental Health Technicians" in hospitals. Graduates of this department can work in dental laboratories, dental clinics, dental units of hospitals and companies that provide technical equipment for dental health. Graduates of this department do not have the opportunity to work individually, and they can work in dental clinics, dental units of hospitals or public institutions. There is a serious need for Oral and Dental Health Technicians in public and private hospitals.

Programs that can be transferred between departments

There is no transition between departments in this program.

Undergraduate Programs with Vertical Transfer

• Health Administration

• Management of Health Institutions

• Health Institutions Management

• Healthcare Management