Operating room services
Program Head: Doç.Dr.Akın UZUMCUGIL
Program Advisor: Suleyman KOSE

General Information About the Program:

The development of surgical technologies and techniques, patient safety and patient rights come to the fore, making the opening of an operating room services program mandatory. It is foreseen to increase the quality of surgery and to train assistant surgical personnel who act more consciously. It is aimed to train assistant surgical personnel who follow the operating room techniques developed in our pioneering institution in the field of health, have high communication skills, respect ethical values, are prone to teamwork, can solve problems, have a quick grasp, and are not affected by the environment. . The operating room technician knows the operating room preparation techniques of all surgical departments. Prepares the operating room environment. Sets up the devices to be used in surgery. Before the patient is taken to the operating room, he takes the appropriate materials for the surgery. Upon receiving the patient, he opens all the necessary materials. Together with the surgeon, he gives the patient the appropriate position for the surgery. It helps to create the sterile area. It establishes the device connections to be used in this area. Thus, the operation starts. The aim of the operating room technician program is to train students who are preferred in the public and private sectors, who are respected, qualified, contemporary and who have reached the international level of knowledge in the surgical field, to meet the intermediate staff needs of our country. Students who complete the program are given an associate degree diploma and the title of "Health Technician (Operating Room Services)". Graduates of this department do not have the opportunity to work individually, but they can also work in the operating room units of private and public hospitals.

Earned Degree Requirements and Rules:

In order for students to graduate, they must have successfully completed a total of 120 ECTS credits (96 national credits) in four semesters and have achieved a general academic average of at least 2.00 according to the 4-point system. Those who complete the program are given the Associate Degree diploma and the title of Operating Room Technician.
Information about Hacettepe University Associate Degree, Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations:

Recognition of Prior Learning:

Students who are entitled to enroll in the Operating Room Services Program are students who have completed their secondary education or received an equivalent education abroad and have obtained the required score for this program in the national university exam, or students who have made a lateral transfer from another higher education institution. Hacettepe University Associate Degree Education and Examination Regulations can be consulted regarding the academic recognition of the past education of these students. Related regulation link: http://www.oid.hacettepe.edu.tr

Purpose of the Program:

The aim of the Operating Room Technician Program is to be sensitive to people, society and ethical principles, respectful to himself and his environment, and to gain competence in his profession; Aiming to continuously improve his profession; adopting a scientific way of thinking; To train operating room technicians who are open to different ideas and cultures, who can work as Operating Room Technicians in public institutions and private institutions in the health sector, and who are equipped with professional knowledge and skills to assist surgery in all surgeries.

Program qualifications:
  • 1- Counts the patient's preparation for surgery
  • 2- Prepares the operating room for the operation to be performed
  • 3- Together with the surgeon, he gives the patient the appropriate position for the surgery.
  • 4- It dresses the surgical team in sterile and helps to create the surgical field.
  • 5- Protects the pathologies taken from the patient and delivers them to the relevant places by keeping records
  • 6- Dressing the patient appropriately according to the operation performed.
  • 7- Makes the materials used during the surgery ready for reuse
  • 8-Knows and applies sterilization and disinfection techniques
  • 9-Packs surgical instruments and materials in accordance with the technique
  • 10- Acts in accordance with democracy and human rights, social, scientific, cultural values ​​and professional ethical principles.
  • 11- Continuously improves their professional knowledge and skills.
  • 12- Develops projects and activities by following scientific researches in the field

* The files in which ECTS credits are calculated and the feedback received from the students on this subject should be available to be shown when asked. Feedback will be received from students regarding ECTS and calculations will be made.

A course introduction form (syllabus) must be prepared for each course for which course descriptions are given for 2-year (associate degree) or 4-year (undergraduate) and Master's and Doctorate programs, whether they are compulsory, elective, opened or not. Each of these courses will be related to the program outcomes.

Occupational Profile of Graduates: Operating Room Technicians can work as an assistant to surgery in all surgeries performed in all hospitals in public institutions and private institutions in the health sector.

Transition to a Higher Education: YÇ-AYA: 1 , AYÇ-YBÖ: 6

Structure of the Curriculum: The Operating Room Services Program consists of 4 semesters. According to the program, there are a total of 120 ECTS courses, 30 of which are ECTS courses in each semester. 88 ECTS (73%) of these courses are compulsory and 32 ECTS (27%) are elective. Elective courses can be taken from other programs of the vocational school and/or from other faculties.

Examinations, Evaluation and Grading: The measurement and evaluation methods applied in the courses are defined in the 'Course Teaching Plan' in the information package. Regarding the exams and success grades, H.U. The relevant articles of the Associate Degree Education Examination Regulations are applied. http://www.oid.hacettepe.edu.tr

Graduation Requirements: In order for students to graduate, they must have successfully completed 120 ECTS credits in four semesters and achieved a general academic average of at least 2.00 according to the 4-point system.

Education Type : Full Time 1. Instruction