Dental Prothetics Technology
Program Head: Prof.Dr.Gulay UZUN
Program Advisor: Prof.Dr.Perihan OYAR - Assist.Prof.Nuran OZYEMISCI

General Information About the Program:

The science and art of completing one or more missing teeth and related missing tissues in order to regain the lost or lost function and aesthetics is called Prosthetic Dentistry. In this field, the scientific and clinical responsibility belongs to the Dentist, and the responsibility of the laboratory stages belongs to the Dental Technician. In a successful prosthetic treatment, well-trained dental technicians with high manual dexterity have a great share.

The aim of the program is to train qualified personnel who can assist Dentists and carry out laboratory stages. Those who complete the program are given the Associate Degree Diploma and the title of Health Technician (Dental Prosthesis).

Dental prosthetic Technician Job Description

Dental prosthesis technician, graduated from colleges providing associate degree education in the field of dental prosthesis technologies; In order to restore lost teeth and their functions; It is a healthcare professional who performs or ensures the laboratory studies of removable and fixed teeth and jaw prostheses applied to the jaw and face area according to the treatment method planned by the dentist.

Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities

  • Prepares a model from the mouth measurements taken by the dentist On the prepared models; It enables fixed and removable partial dentures to be shaped, reproduced by casting method, and made suitable for use in the mouth by giving them an aesthetic appearance with leveling and polishing.
  • He takes part in the preparation of removable full and partial dentures, suitable for the mouth measurements taken by the dentist when he is fully edentulous or semi-toothed, and performing tooth alignment, wax modeling and acrylic processes.
  • Prepares appliances such as obturator, splint, etc. on the measurements taken by the dentist
  • Repairs removable dentures
  • Prepares the removable orthodontic appliances planned by the dentist during the treatment process.
  • Makes maintenance and simple repairs of the tools he uses.