Medical Laboratory Techniques
Program Head: Prof.Dr.M.Alper ERGIN
Program Advisor: Assoc.Prof.Serra ORSTEN

It is to provide training to those who carry out the medical analyzes deemed necessary by the physician regarding the patient's condition in the diagnosis and treatment laboratories within the health institutions.


Those who successfully complete their education are given the title of "Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree" and "Medical Laboratory Techniques Technician". KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS
Students do practical internships during the year and during the summer periods, along with theoretical and practical training on issues such as operating the devices used in hospital laboratories and clinics and performing different laboratory tests. Students wishing to enter this program must have an interest in biology, physics, chemistry and human sciences.

Those who want to be a medical laboratory techniques technician;

  • Interested in biology and chemistry and successful in this field,
  • Able to concentrate on one point for a long time, patient,
  • Able to use eyes and hands in coordination,
  • Tired of doing routine work,
  • Responsible,
  • They need to be people who can communicate well with others.

Entrance is done according to the rules determined by ÖSYM.

Vocational Training period is 2 years. A minimum of 120 ECTS course totals must be reached during this period. According to Hacettepe University associate degree and undergraduate regulations, a minimum average of 2.00 is required to graduate. Students doing summer internships are subject to the Summer Internship regulation, which can be found on the website of Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services.


Graduates can work in universities, state, social insurance hospitals, health centers, private clinics and analysis laboratories, research centers of other health institutions, public health institutes and food industry enterprises, institutions and organizations that conduct research and development studies in the field of medicine and research centers. Those employed in the public sector are subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657. They start their duties with the second level of the 10th degree in the technical services class. Their salaries are determined each year according to the budget law.

They have the knowledge and skills to perform biochemical, microbiological, pathological and hematological analyzes of medical materials by using laboratory equipment, machinery, tools and equipment in the laboratories and disciplines they work in. Medical Laboratory Technicians can improve themselves in certain areas by helping experts in the health institution they work for. Nursing, molecular biology, etc. to complete the license with the vertical transfer exam. they can continue their studies.