Our School, which started education with the Dental Prosthesis (Dental Prosthesis Technology) and Anesthesia program in 1984, in 1985, Audiometry, Prosthesis - Orthotics (Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthotics), Radiology (Medical Imaging Techniques), Medical Documentation and Secretarial, Medical Laboratory (Medical Laboratory Techniques) programs , Emergency Aid Technician (First and Emergency Aid) in 2004-2005 Academic Year, Radiotherapy in 2008-2009 Academic Year, Pharmacy Services in 2009-2010 Academic Year, Oral and Dental Health and Electroneurophysiology in 2013-2014 Academic Year , Operating Room Services in the 2014-2015 Academic Year and Disinfection, Sterilization and Antisepsis programs were added in the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Currently, in our School, Oral and Dental Health, Operating Room Services, Disinfection, Sterilization and Antisepsis, Dental Prosthesis Technology, Pharmacy Services, Electroneurophysiology, First and Emergency Aid, Audiometry, Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthotics, Radiotherapy, Medical Documentation and Secretarial, Medical Imaging Techniques and There are 13 programs consisting of Medical Laboratory Techniques. Our students take intensive theoretical and practical courses during their two-year associate degree education, and they do professional practice/internship during the first and second year semesters or summer semesters. When they graduate, they are among the people preferred by the public and private health sector.