Pharmacy Servıces Programme
Program Head: Prof.Dr.Betül ARICA YEGIN
Program Head: Assoc.Prof.Ipek BAYSAL
Program Advisor: Instructor Ismail DINC

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program; To train assistant health personnel with higher education to assist authorized and responsible pharmacists in the presentation of drugs and medical products to patients in pharmacies.


Those who complete this program are awarded the Associate Degree diploma and the title of Pharmacy Technician. Pharmacy technician education is offered as a 2-3 year education in various countries. In our country, it has been prepared as a 2-year associate degree program.

Professional Responsibility

Main duties of pharmacy technicians:

  • • In the preparation, storage and presentation of drugs and medical products,
  • • Complete and accurate monitoring of the prescription, patient drug information and treatment,
  • • Invoicing, purchasing and similar issues of drugs and medical products in line with a plan,
  • • To assist the pharmacist in the institutional relations of the pharmacy.
  • • In addition, ensuring the cleaning and maintenance of pharmacy equipment is among the duties of the pharmacy technician.
  • Graduates will have the opportunity to work in community pharmacies and pharmacies of private and public hospitals.

Professional Subjects That Pharmacy Technicians Should Have

  • Study, communication and customer service skills
  • Introduction to medical terminology and pharmacy practice
  • Information about current health concepts and the duties of staff working in different positions in the pharmacy.
  • Drug administration routes, drug forms, abbreviations and symbols used in prescriptions
  • Basic Calculations Used in Pharmacy
  • Prescription and drug order
  • Properties, action and side effects of drugs and medicinal products
  • Drug groups, drug names and companies used in the treatment of diseases
  • General information about Aseptic Technique, routes of administration of sterile preparations, parenteral nutrition solutions, intravenous mixtures
  • Pharmacy Rules
  • Ethics, rules and legal regulations in pharmacy
  • Computer applications in pharmacy
  • Drug supply and stock control
  • Processes and methods of storage of drugs.
  • Use of pharmacopoeias, drug guides and similar reference books
  • Refund conditions and organizations
  • Maintaining the above knowledge through internships and on-the-job training

Pharmacy technicians also; Must have personality traits that have communication skills, can improve themselves in their profession, can organize, have good command of computers, and can communicate well with pharmacists, patients and their relatives.