Program Head: İnsructor.Mehmet Melih PINARBASI
Program Advisor: İnsructor.Mehmet Melih PINARBASI

Purpose of the Program;

To train qualified personnel who can work in public or private hospitals and polyclinics under the supervision and control of Electroneurophysiology and Neurology specialists in order to ensure the application of neurophysiological examination methods applied in nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle diseases. Those who complete the program are given the Associate Degree diploma and the title of Electroneurophysiology Technician. Employment Opportunity for Graduates: The graduates of this program can work in electromyography, electroencephalography, evoked potential, intraoperative monitoring and sleep units in the public and private sectors. Entry Requirement for Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services Electroneurophysiology Program: Students to be admitted to this program must be alert, mentally and physically healthy, have the potential to develop themselves, have high communication power, tolerant, careful, patient and responsible.


Electroneurophysiology technician graduated from high schools with associate degree education in the field of application of neurophysiological examination methods; He is a healthcare professional who assists Electroneurophysiology and Neurology specialists.


Electroneurophysiology Technician;

  • To have the necessary materials ready for shooting,
  • Taking electroencephalography (EEG),
  • To follow up the patient during the shooting, to inform the physicians according to the patient's condition (in case of seizures, etc.),
  • To do nerve conduction studies (ENG),
  • Using polysomnography devices,
  • attracting brain stem excitation potentials,
  • Capture visual arousal potentials,
  • Attracting sensory arousal potentials
  • Keeping patient records of the procedures performed,
  • To carry out and follow up the periodic calibration, maintenance and repairs of the medical fixtures for which he is responsible, to inform the department responsible and the biomedical unit in case of malfunction,
  • To provide the necessary consumables for the medical fixtures for which it is responsible,
  • Actively participating in institutional development, total quality management and accreditation studies