Program Head: Assist.Sezgin Yuce SARI
Program Advisor: Assist.Prof.Fatih BILTEKIN

Cancer is an important health problem in our country and one of the most important treatment methods in cancer treatment is radiotherapy. Considering the population in our country, the number of radiotherapy devices and technologies are not sufficient. In line with the health policies to be implemented in the upcoming period, it is planned to increase the number of high-tech devices. In addition, significant advances have been made in the technological field in radiotherapy in recent years, and the need for an assistant equipped to use these high-tech devices has become more evident and it is obvious that this gap will increase gradually. Since the radiation oncology department of our university is at world standards with its current technical equipment and teaching staff, it has the infrastructure to provide this education in the best conditions in our country.

The aim of the program is to train qualified personnel who can assist radiation oncologists and work in radiation oncology centers. Those who complete the program are awarded the Associate Degree diploma and the title of Radiotherapy Technician.

Entry Requirement for Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services Radiotherapy Program:

Vocational high school (Radiology or Radiotherapy) graduates who will be admitted to this program should be alert, mentally and physically healthy, male students should not be shorter than 1 meter 65 centimeters, female students should not be shorter than 1 meter 60 centimeters. They must have the physical and physical ability to take the patient on the stretcher and carry them with their teammates, weighing five extra or fifteen kilos.


Radiotherapy technician, graduated from colleges providing associate degree education in the field of radiotherapy; is a healthcare professional who helps radiation oncologists and uses high-tech radiotherapy devices.


  • Ensuring the immobilization of the patient (making a thermoplastic mask)
  • Preparation of all kinds of individual protection blocks (automatically or manually) for patients
  • identification of treatment areas (simulation),
  • Adjusting the treatment position (set-up)
  • Development of films (simulation and port films) in the dark room
  • Maintenance of devices in the dark room and replacement of solutions
  • Using automatic bathroom devices
  • Operation and use of all kinds of radiotherapy devices
  • Making patient records and archives
  • Prepares all kinds of auxiliary materials that patients who will receive radiation therapy may need.
  • Applies radiotherapy and controls the patient's condition during the treatment
  • Makes maintenance and simple repairs of the devices used.