Internship Directive

Internship Directive


a - Purpose of Vocational School of Health Services

The aim of Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services is; To provide education and training in the field of health services in the programs, to train technical health personnel to work in health institutions.

b - Purpose and Importance of Summer Internship

The aim of the first and second year summer internship and internship courses done by the students of Vocational School of Health Services are; to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and to gain skills in the field. At the same time, both internships allow students to adapt from the theoretical dimension to the practical dimension, as it requires the students to work in collaboration with the staff and other people in the internship place.

c - Legal Basis of Summer Internship

The first and second year summer internships of the Vocational School of Health Services were accepted with the decision of Hacettepe University Senate dated 13.06.2007 and numbered 2007/114.

d - Duration of Summer Internship

Summer internships of the programs within the Vocational School of Health Services are conducted according to the periods specified in the training programs. Summer Internship period is 21 (twenty-one) working days. In compulsory cases, summer internship periods are added to the period in such a way that it does not change the total period.

e - Conditions of Summer Internship

Summer internship is considered as a course. Each student receives a summer internship on the dates and dates arranged for his / her program. The student is responsible for all the procedures during the Summer Internship period. Graduated students can take their summer internships in the Fall / Spring or Summer semesters in case they are required to document their obligations and are accepted by the related boards. Students are not required to pass all courses in order to participate in summer internships. However, in order to take Summer Internship I, the first semester academic average, for the Summer Internship II, other than the fourth semester of the academic average of the “Hacettepe University, Associate Degree Undergraduate Teaching and Examination Regulations üzerine above the general academic average determined and successful summer internship.

f - Attendance to Summer Internships

Attendance to Summer Internship is compulsory. Students who do not attend more than 20% of the summer internship period receive an F1 grade. Students whose illnesses do not exceed 20% of the absenteeism accepted by the trainee, based on the official report that the student cannot do the internship in case of illness, have to complete the summer internship period according to the compensation program prepared for them (in the same period). Students who do not complete their internship until the end of the first week of the new academic calendar receive F3.

Students cannot work and stay outside the working hours at the internship places. On the duty day of the internship place, it can only be held responsible for the working day and working hours.

g - Summer Internship

It is compulsory to start the summer internship on the first working day or on the 6th business day following the end date of the spring term examinations. Internship date is announced to the students by the program heads in the last week of the general exams.

h - Summer Internship Places

The students of the programs of Hacettepe University Vocational School of Health Services can do their internship in hospitals affiliated to Hacettepe University or in public or other health units deemed appropriate in Turkey. In these cases, summer internship acceptance correspondence is done by the School Directorate. Apart from the hospitals of Hacettepe University, the students who will do summer internship will be accepted by the program director and accepted by the Council of Higher Education.


a - School Director

The Director of the Vocational School of Health Services is also the highest level official and director of the summer internship organization. It may delegate this authority to the assistant or the head of the relevant program when necessary. Takes the necessary measures for the complete implementation of the summer practice. It conducts official correspondence with the senior supervisor of the institution where the summer internship will be held.

b– Summer Internship Coordinator

It is the Head of the Program or faculty member of the Vocational School of Health Services appointed by the Director of the School.


1. Determines the start and end dates of the Summer Internship depending on the academic calendar and proposes to the Directorate of the School.

2. It ensures that the documents to be sent to the institutions and organizations to which Summer Internship will be made are written, printed and sent to the relevant persons, institutions and organizations.

3. Determines the units of Summer Internship and their working time in units.

4. Periodically supervises the attendance and behavior of the students during the Summer Internship.

5. Examines the problems that occur during the implementation of summer practice

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